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HEDS: About Us 

HEDS aims to support the development of confident and independent learners. Our approach:

  • is tailored to the individual learning needs of each student

  • contributes to the development of effective academic skills and study strategies for higher education

  • encourages a reflective approach to learning and study

  • models positive responses to the challenges of learning differences.

 Tutors will encourage you to take responsibility for your learning:

  • to develop personalised approaches to learning, and to identify appropriate study skills and strategies needed for study at university 

  • drawing on the skills and knowledge you already have.

Tutors will take a pro-active approach:

  • to anticipate where the challenges will be in an assignment, and to know how to respond, so that you can increase your chances of success

  • . guiding you in analysing your assignment briefs, focussing your time and prioritising tasks

  • to enhancing motivation and confidence in your academic skills.

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